22 April 2016

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18 April 2016

Xiaomi Action Camera! 我小蜜 :)

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13 April 2016

One Week in Kansai!

Hello!  Tonight I am blogging about our recent trip to Kansai which included Osaka and side trips to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.  My last post on the wedding was really fun to write and i’m glad that so many friends, family, and folks from around the world were able to read it.  I posted the blog on the weddings subreddit and got great feedback.  Thanks for the continued support, hope you enjoy reading this!  the Kansai area is definitely worth visiting, especially if you are staying in Tokyo for a while and want to experience something new!

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8 April 2016



Hello! This is the post that I have been eagerly anticipating to write since the inception of this blog.  I have to say that our wedding was an amazing experience. I feel so blessed that I could share it with my family, close friends, and new friends we met on that day.  It was so much fun and everyone had a great time, from the traditional ceremony, to the reception and performances, to my father-in-law’s speech which brought my wife to tears as well as many others in the room, and finally the epic Saipan inspired after party at Rupo Standing Bar.

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30 March 2016

First Days in Japan

Our first few days in Japan were not too action packed since the wedding was right around the corner and Mariko and I needed to keep our energy up before that big day. We did have lots to cover before the wedding and so….

Day 1:


My last smile before getting pwned in Tetris :(

The flight from Vancouver to Tokyo was smooth,  uneventful, and passed by very quickly. We took ANA (All Nippon Airways) to Haneda airport which was less than 9 hours in total. Mariko and I played games and watched movies for most of the flight. I learned she was really good at tetris and she beat me mercilessly until I gave up in a bout of frustration.

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24 March 2016

Review: UC Baby 3D Ultrasound

Today Mariko, my mother, and I, visited UC Baby 3D Ultrasound in Richmond. Getting to the location is easy, it is on Gilbert and Westminster Highway near Richmond Hospital. They also have several locations across the lower mainland, but I would still suggest considering going to the Richmond location simply for the fantastic service we received!

Here is a link to their website:

UC Baby Richmond


Our baby daughter! In 3d...

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6 March 2016

Getting a working holiday visa to Japan from Vancouver

I recently went through the process of applying for the Working Holiday Visa in Vancouver and I have to say the process is simple and easy to follow.   I submitted the application in person to the Consulate General of Japan on 1177 West Hastings Street in Downtown Vancouver, about a 10 minute walk from Waterfront station.  The office is located in the TD Building on the 9th floor, and once you’re up there you’d want to hang a right where the Visa Processing side is.  Before you go make sure to download the “Application Package” in the link below and follow the instructions carefully:

Working Holiday Visa for Canadians

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28 February 2016

Spending Time Consciously

As I am writing this post today while listening to The Money Paradox episode on TED Radio Hour Podcast. Something about what I just heard prompted me to open my laptop and write about spending time consciously.

One of the speakers on their show just explained how money can buy you happiness, but it all depends on how you spend it.  What he said was something like: using your resources solely for your own benefit tends to bring short-term, fleeting happiness, whereas spending it on others brings more happiness and fulfillment.

Well if time = money, then the same can be said about time and how being conscious and mindful about the ways we approach our handling of it can yield some great benefits.  For some reason, I was suddenly inclined just now to search up ‘Time is a flat circle,’ on google, and what I read was very interesting (Turns out it was a man named Cohle from True Detective ((watched it years ago)) who said it, thanks Netflix!):

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23 February 2016

Becoming Fluent in Japanese

Right now my Japanese is pretty bad by my own standards, but after a year in Japan chances are that I will have improved considerably.  I have an opportunity to record myself speaking Japanese now, and continue afterwards to make videos every month to track my progress in learning the language!  I think it will be cool for myself and my family/friends to watch these videos and see just how far I can push myself.


I live in the “Chinatown” of Vancouver, AKA Richmond, where you can easily get by without knowing any English.  My Tagalog is half-decent, but my accent is absolutely and hilariously awful, but the thing is I don’t care!  It’s really fun to speak another language and part of the game is sucking in the beginning.  I recently read a quote on Reddit:

“Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery.”

  • Amy Chua
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17 February 2016

One Month Before Tokyo

Phew… The website is live and this will be the first post I have written since the launch. Now only a few family and friends have seen this but I hope to spruce things up a bit in terms of design, formatting, and developing a clear vision of what I want to write about and things that I want to share on this site.

There is only about one month to go until I will be leaving my home in Richmond and moving to Tokyo with my wife where we will be having our first daughter sometime in June. We purchased one way tickets last week and are not sure when we will be coming back as of yet. I have to say that we are extremely blessed to both have such loving and caring family and friends who have supported us tremendously since the beginning. Now all we have to do is get everything organized before we leave to make sure that all of our affairs are in order.

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